Don't Rely on People To Do the Hard Work


Partners are NOT the quickest way to grow your sales revenue

It is very common to think that recruiting “partners'' will help you find initial sales or grow your sales.

However, this is an extremely rare occurrence.

Yeah, it’s hard not to think that recruiting partners is a hack for early stage or growing businesses. You don’t have to do marketing or hire sales people, just find someone to sign up partners.

But think about it, these “partners” are many times already selling something, maybe even something that competes with what you sell. Will they really be willing to “bite the hand” that’s feeding them revenue.

Probably not.

Yes, there are rare exceptions, but they are rare.

The best way to grow. . .

The best way to grow (and it’s not always easy) is to understand:

  1. Your prospective customer
  2. The pain or challenge you solve for them.
  3. What they will pay for what you do
  4. Where to find your customer and how to initiate a conversation with them

If you must pursue a partner strategy. . .

Bring value to the partner by helping them make money (and no, that’s not by giving them a few points of margin on your product).

Oh, and for your partner strategy to work well, it’s important to:

  1. Have a lead engine that is running smoothly.
  2. Be prepared to help partners close business.
  3. Build a community

In summary, don’t rely on partners to do your hard work. Find your customer, understand the pain or challenge you solve for them, and initiate a conversation with them. If you must pursue partners, bring value by helping them make money.

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