Don't Cold Call (or Email)


Cold calling is not the easiest way to reach potential customers

When was the last time you bought something from someone that called you on the phone?

A majority would answer “never” to this question. Why? Because our behavior has changed over the years. The way we, and our customers, buy and communicate has changed dramatically.

Spending time and resources in cold calling in the hope that it will yield you potential customers is no longer effective.

Be creative and relevant

The world is changing and organizations like yours are striving to attract customers. Before your prospects commit to talking to you, they are doing a lot of research.

So, you need to be creative in a way that is relevant to your customer’s needs and challenges, and in the mode of communication they prefer.

And It’s no longer one size fits all.

The best way to reach potential customers is to simply ask them

A simple concept that is rarely implemented.

The first interaction with a potential customer must be compelling and relevant, as well as inspire your customer to have a conversation.

Once this interaction is completed, it is important for you to ask the best way to communicate with them. This will set the stage for more effective continual communication.

Oh, and one more thing. Because your customers are doing a lot of research prior to interacting, it’s critical to drive prospective customers to and through your website. And have different ways for them to interact with you there.

In summary , cold calling and e-mailing is no longer effective. Drive customers to and through your website, and when you engage, ask them how they’d like to communicate.

Be well, and grow!

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